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Be Kind


Be Joyful


Be Unique 


Wickselm House Learning Centre is a unique not-for-profit enterprise launched to support children who currently need an alternative learning experience outside of full-time mainstream education. Through our outdoor ethos and on-site farm, we provide a therapeutic environment where children can feel safe, heard, and valued, connecting with animals and nature while accessing an academic curriculum, with equal emphasis on social, emotional, spiritual and physical development. Our aim is to broaden every individual child's prospects and resilience and give them the opportunity to show the world what they have to offer.

We work closely with parents, carers, and mainstream schools, including offering mentoring and training designed to take our approach and ethos and replicate it in schools and wider environments. We celebrate children's progress and offer them a pathway into full-time education and vocational training, enabling children to lead fulfilling adult lives and contribute positively to our global society.


Animals for exhibition license number: 22/01230/AWACT

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