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Wickselm House Learning Centre exists to support children who are currently not attending fulltime in a mainstream school environment. We work closely with parents and carers, schools, childcare and healthcare professionals to provide an alternative learning journey. Our aim is to support children and equip them with the resources to access mainstream education and vocational training later in their educational journey. We also support children who are flexi-schooling to provide much needed respite from a full-time school placement.

Pupils are admitted to Wickselm House following consultation with parents and carers and the Wickselm learning lead or following a request from the Local Authority where a child has an Education and Health Care Plan in place. All children are offered a gradual transition and supported to begin their time at Wickselm House in the most positive way.


As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we rely on grant funding and philanthropic donations, or in some cases self-funding from parents. We nurture and guide the children we work with to be the best they can be and to support them to become happy, enriched learners who in turn make valued contributions to our shared society


A child who struggles with fulltime, mainstream education

Parent or carer choosing to self-fund. Child is being electively home educated. Please contact us for self funding fees.


Child's school would like to

support flexi-schooling with two days each week at Wickselm house and three in school. 

Child is not currently attending mainstream education and has an EHCP in place which will allow an application for funding. 

Before Wickselm staff support a funding application, or a self-funding family register their child, parents will be offered detailed consultation to get a full picture of their child's needs and academic history. Where children are flexi-schooling we will liaise closely with key school staff during this processs.

Once funding has been provisionally put in place, parents or carers and children will visit Wickselm House for a series of settling-in sessions, including a relaxed one-to-one with the child's key teacher and our SENCO Learning Lead. This session will include time with the animals and great outdoors.


During each child's journey with Wickselm House we will collaborate with local schools and FE institutions to share our ethos and practical approach to working in a trauma-informed way. We will invite education and childcare professionals to meet the children, animals and staff to learn how we work.


Through our professionals' support hub we will share ideas with local school staff and facilitate training to spread effective practice thoughout Gloucestershire, and create strong links to successfully support our children back into mainstream education and vocational training at the end of their time with us.

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